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10/10 rating

I had tried numerous juices from this vendor, all of which were stellar. My favorite so far has been Swirly Pop, which is an absolute beauty. I also highly reccomend you try That Cookie Dough, which tastes identical to grandma's home made cookie dough (which we all know is the best kind).


The reason I'm writing this review isn't for their atrociously good juice, but for their amazing customer service. They deserve their 5/5 customer service rating 100%. Eric, my rep, was very polite, friendly, and helpful. He solved all my problems with no hassle, and was one of the most polite and willing to cooperate representatives I have talked to. If you are going to get juice from anywhere, let it be here. Grade A service all across the board.

Juices / Flavors

Name Flavor(s) Average Rating
Swirly Pop candy creamy sweet fruity 9.8
That Cookie Dough dessert rich creamy sweet 9.0
Electric Punch candy fruity 8.0
Blueberry Hill candy fruity sweet 4.0
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