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10/10 rating

Lots of hardware, good juice and fast and free shipping.

8/10 rating

Their e-juice selection are all 70/30 blends made 100% in the USA in nice clear glass bottles. Unfortunately, they do not include a date-of-creation on the bottle and they have fewer options for people who want lower nicotine concentration (only 0mg or 8mg). They also color their juices with food coloring, which isn't my preference. Nevertheless, they have some great "fruity drink" juices. My favorite is Razzmatazz. In addition to premium juices, they also regularly have great deals on vaping accessories and hardware.

Shipping is free for orders $35+ (it use to be free for all orders) and it is the fastest I have experienced yet. My packages usually arrived from California to my doorstep on the east coast in just TWO days from the time of ordering. Amazing. They also include various freebies like VaporBeast stickers and bracelets. I haven't received any free juice samples yet, but others have claimed they have. Perhaps they only do that with large juice orders.

Note: There is one thing that I find annoying about their website. If you are not logged in and you open a link from their site in a new tab/window, everything in your shopping cart disappears. This is a nonissue once you've logged into your account.

10/10 rating

I have used this company often and will continue to do so. Their juices are great, albeit limited, and they have decent prices on gear. They ship quickly and free, making it all the better. I have yet to ever be disappointed when ordering with them. *Note: All their juices are 70/30 mix.

10/10 rating

Honest and helpful vendor with easy to navigate website and great customer service-like above and beyond customer service...prices seem pretty much the norm/on average(some things run little higher, some things are lower)-you can find cheaper at times, but....the service here is fantastic and free quick shipping-I use them for a lot of my hardware purchases(cartos, coils, etc) because I can rely on them to ship promptly and accurately

8/10 rating

Want to give these guys a review based on my experience with them at ECC 2013. Very nice people, friendly. The booth was slammed but I didn't feel like we were ignored. Also, they were one of the few vendors that seemed to be offering discounts on hardware at ECC. Almost all other vendors were at B&M prices (I expected this) but Vapor Beast was priced the same as their website. Rock on guys, you got yourselves a repeat customer based that alone.

9/10 rating

This is a great vendor. I found them about a year ago and bought a couple of juices from them. At the time, they only had a few juices. Now, there's over a dozen on their page. They also sell hardware, a good bit and they have free shipping on everything on their site.

Their juice is good and while I've only tried 4 juices, I really enjoyed "Cool Beans Coffee Cappuccino" and "Kick Ash Tobacco". There are others still that I want to try.

The owner is friendly and sometimes throws in a sample of some kind. Excellent customer service and super fast shipping. Go to their website and check em out!

10/10 rating

This vendor seems to be one of my top vendors of all time. This vendor offers some of the most beautifully handcrafted liquids on the market in my opinion. They don't have a large selection to choose from however most of the liquids I've experienced are quality. Their service is top-notch. As a matter of fact Tim (Owner of Vaporbeast) takes service so seriously he does it himself.

Juices / Flavors

Name Flavor(s) Average Rating
Cool Beans Coffee Cappuccino beverage dessert sweet creamy rich 10.0
Delicious Strawberry Cupcake dessert fruity 10.0
Chai Tea Latte dessert spicy sweet 9.0
French Silk Chocolate Pie dessert rich sweet 9.0
Mad Monkey rich 9.0
Razzmatazz beverage fruity sweet 9.0
Ridiculous Mint Chocolate candy minty sweet 9.0
Melon Head Watermelon Wintergreen beverage fruity minty 8.0
Kick Ash Full Flavored Tobacco earthy rich tobacco sweet 7.5
Ice Box Menthol menthol sweet tobacco 6.0
Really Good Root Beer Float candy sweet 6.0
Wild Vine Grape Pixie candy fruity 6.0
Jazzmatazz Blueberry Lemonade beverage fruity sweet 5.0
Knockout Fruit Punch fruity sweet 4.0
Bee's Knees Honey Tobacco NA 0.0
Big Bite Caramel Apple NA 0.0
Crazy Rope Black Licorice NA 0.0
Divine Lemon Cake NA 0.0
Epic Apple Tobacco NA 0.0
Flapjack Blueberry Pancake NA 0.0
Fresh Harvest Mandarin Orange NA 0.0
Holy Grail RY4 Sweet Tobacco NA 0.0
Jive 555 Nutty Tobacco NA 0.0
Ooh La La Grape Watermelon NA 0.0
Peachy Keen Melon Peach NA 0.0
Relax Pina Colada NA 0.0
Simply Great Sweet Vanilla NA 0.0
Sweet Shot Iced Tea Lemonade NA 0.0
Totally Tasty Chocolate Covered Strawberry NA 0.0
Twerk'n Cinnamon Red Hot NA 0.0
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