Blog Update (May 2nd): JuiceDB V2 nears launch!

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Why do I need to register?

I am building this site to track the flavors that I like, and the ones that you like. In order to know that I'm me, and you're you... we need logins.

Some quick notes...

  • All that's required is a username and a password.
  • I'd recommend adding an email address; if you forget your password, the system will need one to allow you to reset it.
  • Eventually the site may have "profiles" (which can be disabled/enabled), that will show which flavors you love the most. Nothing personal though, your username and the juices you enjoy!
  • The ratings you give for different flavors will be used to help determine which flavors are trending, popular and just down-right awesome.

I personally am still new to the e-cig/vapor scene, but have already started to find the flavors I enjoy. I just needed a place to store that info, and why not share that storage with everyone?

Hope you enjoy the site.

Wondering what's inside?

Here's some screenshots of the various screens for users.

The Login

Your "Reviews" Page

The Moderation Queue

Creating a Vendor

Adding a Vendor Review

Viewing all Vendors

Creating a Juice

Adding a Juice Review

Viewing all Juices

Created by Aaron Cox

Using Tuktuk, jQuery, Laravel and MongoDB.