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Snake Oil


Bayesian Average

Real Average: 8.7
55 Ratings, 55 Reviews
Flavor 8.77
Hit 6.5
Vapor 8.41
Value 8.89
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Community Reviews

9/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity
Very good cream based pear flavor.

10/10 rating | Flavors: candy creamy fruity | Aged: 1 week
I'm a huge fan of this juice, definitely an ADV for me. Mouth watering creamy pears, yum! I also must say that I've received nothing short of top notch service from Seduce Juice. They provide fantastic, fast and friendly customer service and they've given me many free full size samples with my orders (awesome ones at that!). This is a must have juice, one I don't want to be without! Best when steeped for 1 week.

6/10 rating | Flavors: fruity sweet | Aged: 3 weeks
I'm just not seeing what all the hype is about on this one at all. It's okay and it's vapeable, but maybe I just thought it would be so much better after reading other people's reviews. It almost reminds me of a weak and watered down Placid by Adirondack Vapor, even though they aren't the same least they say they aren't. It's okay... it's so light though and I even asked for extra flavoring if possible. I guess you could Vape it all day but it's nothing very special in my opinion.

10/10 rating | Flavors: fruity rich sweet
First, I would like to clarify that I do not like pear. I bought this juice because I had never bought from seduce juice before and it is their bestseller; on top of that this one of the most reviewed juices on this site. So what the heck, I went for it. Pleasantly surprised! The tart pear stands out the most but I can also taste the coconut cream; the two go very well together and create a new unique flavor. The cream tastes like those sweet coconut shavings and I can't wait to taste it in the other snake series juices. Overall, this makes for a very light pleasant vape but as a pear hater, I hope the sweet coconut comes out more with steeping.

Edit: the coconut cream has come out more with steeping! It's sweet and mellow and is one of those flavors that smell so good that people ask about it. Will buy again.

Edit edit: still my all time favorite. So juicy.

8/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity rich
This juice hits all of the right notes in all of the right places. I find the pear to be crisp, yet not as harsh as other vendors' pear juices. The coconut is not overpowering, yet definitely has a presence. Definitely a good vape.

9/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity
Sweet baby jesus this juice has exceeded all my expectations. I had really high hopes for this one and is lives up to the hype. The three flavors in the juice are pear, cream, and coconut. It sounds unusual but comes together for something really special.

9/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity sweet | Aged: 1 week
This is my current ADV. It's sweet, but not too sweet, which is perfect for me. I don't really catch the hints of pear in it, but it's delicious none-the-less.

10/10 rating | Flavors: creamy rich
ADV. I can drip this all day and never get sick of it. The way the pears and coconut mix and a great throat hit makes this juice one of my favorites!

You won't regret giving this juice a try!

8/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity rich | Aged: 3 weeks
Love Snake Oil. Its a great creamy pear flavor with just enough bite to satisfy. It does get a little sickening to vape after time and thats why I knocked 2 stars off, but overall a fan of it.

9/10 rating | Flavors: dessert fruity sweet | Aged: 1 month
Like the apple/pear flavors, not overwhelming and very tasty. It's one of my ADV's, along with their Trinity blend. I really don't get much/any coconut flavor from this stuff, but a soft pear with a nice apple-y aftertaste.

7/10 rating | Flavors: fruity sweet | Aged: 4 weeks
This pear flavored juice is probably my second favorite in Seduce Juice's snake product line. The pear is crisp and fresh and I can actually detect some of the coconut in this flavor. Once again the cream is background and supports the other flavors. This is not a creamy vape. Altogether just a really nice vape to easily enjoy all day. This juice is better than a solid 7 . . . more like a 7.5.

The liquid comes in a plastic bottle and is nicely priced at $7.99/15 ml.

8/10 rating | Flavors: creamy earthy fruity | Aged: 2 weeks
I really like Pear and Coconut. How could I go wrong and I didn't.This is a lovely blend of those 2 flavors with a touch of cream(I think) There is something there that smooths the pear and coconut together. It makes the 2 flavors just meld nicely. If your a Pear/Coconut lover this is a must try. Pear is the star of this juice but the coconut floats in just to say HI!

10/10 rating | Flavors: fruity | Aged: 1 week
This is my favorite vapor to date. It is an all day vape for the past four months. It taste alot like pear with a calm cream base. The pear though taste great not like artificial flavoring. The pear is warm and tasty. When on the go i fill my tank and run with this flavor all day.

10/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity rich | Aged: 2 weeks
I started off with e-cigs using this juice back in December 2013. I've tried people's e-cigs before that and wasn't that big of a fan. Lo and behold, I fell in love with this juice and ordered it consistently for a month before I got vaper's tongue and couldn't taste anything. Since then, I've ordered this juice at least once a month because I can't seem to get enough of it. Pear is the primary flavor, with a really nice coconut undertone on the exhale. I didn't think I'd like pear with this combination, but it adds a smooth creaminess that'll leave you coming back for more.

10/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity sweet | Aged: 1 week
Where to begin... I ordered this juice after hearing about how sweet and creamy this juice is. At first I was a little skeptical, I'm not a fan of coconut OR pear but I gave it a try anyway. After letting it steep for a full week I was absolutely stunned by how full, creamy and soft the flavor was, it was not overly-powerful but it was not mild either. My husband who doesn't even vape or smoke had me build him a setup just so he could vape this juice at 0 nic, its amazing.

10/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity rich | Aged: 1 week
Heavenly, Creamy Pear and a hint of Coconut. It's almost as if its a subtle coconut cream or something. God I love this juice. I tire of juices pretty easily but Snake Oil is almost always in one of my tanks.

8/10 rating | Flavors: fruity sweet floral | Aged: 1 day
Good. Seemed a little lighter and had a little more of a bite than Honey Perry.

10/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity rich | Aged: 1 week
best all day vape juice!

9/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity rich | Aged: 1 week
One of my top 2 flavors, yet hard to describe. The website says " signature cream base with emphasis on pear, and a hint of coconut." I do not like coconut and do not taste it in this juice, but it's probably just because it is mixed with the other great flavors.

9/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity rich | Aged: 5 days
Fantastic juice I could smoke all day everyday. It was my first introduction to a pear flavored e juice and it really set the bar. Smells great, tastes great, good vapor, it's worth every penny. I hope they never stop making it.

9/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity rich | Aged: 3 weeks
Deliciously creamy flavor with notes of pear and a very subtle coconut hidden in there. Produces more vapor than most other 50/50 blends I've tried. Easy ADV for me, only real complaint is that the throat hit could be a bit better (still very satisfactory though, just could use a little extra kick to it).

8/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity sweet | Aged: 1 month
I, too, have to defend Honey Pearry, 2 different juices. This is much sweeter and has a cream base. Honey Pearry is strictly fruit. This is also yummy, however. Cream and pear, too sweet for me, but very tasty.

8/10 rating | Flavors: fruity sweet
Received this juice as a free sample with my order. I was pleasantly surprised with this one. Not getting much cream, perhaps a little steeping will help with that. The pear in this juice is very nice and the subtle coconut compliments it very well. Even with no steeping, this juice is already better than Honey Pearry. I could definitely see this being an ADV for fruit lovers.

Solid throat hit at 12mg. Good vapor production at 30/70vg. Really nice flavor, but hoping the cream comes out a little more with some steeping. 8/10, for now.

10/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity sweet | Aged: 2 weeks
After steeping this juice for about 1.5-2 weeks, this juice shines with cream flavoring. Out of the mail, I was disappointed by this juice, by just getting a pear flavoring. After steeping, I get cream at firsts notice, followed by pear, and the small hint of coconut. I've seen reviews saying it's similar to my other favorite, Honey Pearry, but the cream flavoring separates these two into different categories for me. If you want a cream first, fruity flavor second juice, I highly recommend it, especially since it on the more affordable side.

8/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity rich | Aged: 4 weeks
Pears up front with coconut and whipped cream on the exhale, very nice! Real fresh pear flavor, and the coconut is very pleasant. All around good vape, and only gets better with steeping (the longer the better).

8/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity | Aged: 2 weeks
From the moment I tried the juice (day I got it) to now (2 weeks aged) it has a strong pear flavor. It's a very fresh pear taste, with a slight creaminess. I enjoy this juice a lot since it's not overpowering at all, it makes it an easy ADV if you love the taste. I enjoy mixing this juice in for a change of pace.

8/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity sweet | Aged: 1 week
I bought this while looking for a new all day vape. It is very creamy and has a much more subtle peach flavor than I expected. It is a great balance of creamy, coconut and peach.

I like the flavor enough to vape it on a regular basis but not enough to consider it an all day vape. I tend to tire of the flavor after 4-6 hours and have to move on to others I prefer more after long sessions.

9/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity sweet
The first thing you taste is a smooth, creamy pear. The flavor is crisp and bright yet mellow and full bodied. Straight out of the mail this juice is not bad but if you can let this juice age two weeks it becomes something spectacular.

10/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity rich | Aged: 1 week
I smoked Marlboro Reds for over 20 years. When I was trying to switch to vape I always tried tobacco flavors that were quite frankly awful. The guy who set me up with my kit was a huge Snake Oil fan but I thought Reds to Pear and Coconut, yeah right.

This is hands down the best, most well balances and everyday all day vapeable juice I have ever come across.

Try it in the morning with a strong cup of coffee and WOW!

9/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity rich
Very flavorful creamy blend on pear and bavarian cream, what's not to love!

10/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity | Aged: 1 week
I totally understand the hype behind this juice. The pear flavor on the front is really crisp and genuine tasting with none of the weird texture of real pears. On the back end there is a subtle hint of coconut that is smoothed over by a little bit of cream taste. All flavors are balanced really well and work so good together. Considering the uniqueness of the flavor combinations in relation to the typical premium on unique flavors through other vendors this one is definitely worth checking out.

Edit: After steeping this juice just gets better. One of my favorites.

9/10 rating | Flavors: candy creamy rich | Aged: 1 month
No need too say what's been said. It's one of the richer flavors ive tried. Very unique, very complex (as in impossible to know what your tasting without prior knowledge). The creamy part is very noticeable, but beyond that it gets subtle. I absolutely recommend this juice, as with Seduce on the whole. They have another fruit/cream flavor called Myrh (blueberry/cream) that I highly recommend if you like snake oil.

9/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity | Aged: 2 weeks
A nice pear, cream, and light touch of coconut juice-very flavorful and smooth.

10/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity rich | Aged: 3 days
Amazing, its almost like biting into a pear! so clean and crisp, with the creamiest finish and a sneak up of coconut! its an all day vape for sure! such a smooth flavor! i was hesitate about a creamy pear but this changed my mind! i cant stop vaping it!

10/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity rich | Aged: 1 week
Nice smooth and creamy vape. The coconut flavor stands out on top of the creamy base with a nice touch of pear. I'm typically not a huge fan of coconut as an ingredient when it comes to edible sweets but this does it for me.

8/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity rich | Aged: 2 weeks
This is a really good juice. But it NEEDS to steep, the flavour change is very big. They really should steep this before they send it, I bet a majority of the bad review of this juice is because they did not let it steep enough. I let it steep for two weeks before I felt like it hit its prime.

It's a really good ADV, but its not the best juice out there. It's not a juice that I feel I need to have in stock at all time. But it's a very good juice.

7/10 rating | Flavors: fruity sweet | Aged: 5 days
It's definitely not bad, but didn't live up to the hype by any means. It's fruity and a bit perfumey. They claim pear is a flavoring, but I don't taste it. It's more of an unidentified fruity flavor. There's definitely some coconut on the exhale, too. I'll probably let it steep some more after this tank and see if it gets any better and may come back to update this review then. Like I said, it's not bad, but I probably won't be ordering it again.

10/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity sweet | Aged: 1 day
The taste is great. It is not too strong, but it is smooth. Creamy with some fruitiness. None of it is overbearing, and I don't get tired of it. There is also no weird aftertaste and the smell of the vapor is pleasant for people around you.

8/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity rich | Aged: 2 weeks
I gotta say, I really like the "signature cream" from Seduce Juice. That's part of the reason why I like this. It mellows out their fruit flavors. The pear and coconut are definitely present and well-rounded. Tastes warm and a little sweet.

8/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity rich | Aged: 1 week
This is an interesting flavor, heavy on the cream but with a strong pear flavor as well. It is rich, sweet, slightly floral perhaps, with a bit of a tart flavor on exhale. Overall I enjoy it, but it doesn't quite live up to the hype in my opinion.

I was looking for something similar to Honey Pearry but with a twist but this doesn't really taste anything like HP.

8/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity spicy | Aged: 3 weeks
I can't say enough good things about this flavor! It has pear, cream and some sort of spice! Reminds be of cobbler almost. Great vapor and just enough throat hit. This has quickly become one of my All Day Vapes. The wife absolutely fell in love with this flavor too, she has a her own tank dedicated to this excellent flavor.
I do find it gets overpowering after while though and I'll have to switch. But I always come back lol.

6/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity sweet | Aged: 2 weeks
The creamy taste is about the only I can agree with from other's reviews. I did not taste any pear at all. Coconut is closer and an indescribable fruity taste. While it is good, I don't really agree with all the hype surrounding this juice. I tried it straight out of the mailbox and then let it steep for a week or two. I didn't notice a huge change but the creamyness seemed to mature. Seems like all the Seduce juices I tried have the same base-cream flavor and while it is nice for a bit, certainly gets old.

10/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity rich | Aged: 1 day
This is a fruity, creamy vape. It's very smooth, vapes well, and has multiple tastes. Delicious! My mod is a K101, single pole rebuildable. Vapes perfectly. This is my favorite juice!

9/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity sweet | Aged: 2 weeks
great juice. before it steeps the pear is really prominent and tart. after steeping the pear mellows and the cream really comes out. i like to mix this with a little bit of graham and cinnamon DIY flavoring sometimes.

2/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity | Aged: 1 week
Tastes terrible. Way too creamy... can hardly stand to vape this, and none of my friends like it either. Just my opinion, you might like it.

10/10 rating | Flavors: creamy rich | Aged: 3 weeks
This is a coconut/pear liquid? I'm not sure I taste any coconut or pear at all, but whatever I taste, it's excellent. It is definitely creamy, that part I do agree with. It needs a couple weeks to steep: I went through my 15ml bottle in a week (that's how good it is :D ) and my 50 ml just arrived, but it's not the same just yet. Give it 2 or 3 weeks.

10/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity rich | Aged: 1 month
One of my favorite juices. A well rounded juice that produces great flavor, vapor, and throat hit. I always ask for extra cream in my bottle and it makes it that much better!

9/10 rating | Flavors: creamy rich sweet
I gave this juice a 9 rather than a 10 because, out of the package, it's delicious but the flavor is a little thin. Given a week to steep, the creamy nose come forward and the flavor balances and becomes more rich and full. This is an absolute all day vape,

7/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity
A very creamy pear. On the draw, you get a pear that can occasionally come off a little bit sharp but then, on the exhale, a very creamy vanilla with a hint of coconut. I think I'd prefer it without the coconut but then I'd probably think it lacked complexity. I ordered a larger bottle of this than any of the other samples I got from Seduce Juice due to the hype and I'm not disappointed. It will definitely not go unused.

8/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity rich
Pear on inhale with a creamy coconut exhale. Other flavors seems to be swirling in there as well. A very rich and complex juice.

7/10 rating | Flavors: fruity rich sweet
I vaped this right out of the bottle did not understand the hype. It's a delicious vape and the complex creamy flavors are great, but I could not vape this all day. It's very rich and can be off-putting after a while. The only reason I gave this a 7, instead of a 6 was because the complex creaminess was something nice to try.

9/10 rating | Flavors: fruity rich sweet
This juice was the first vape that introduced me to the possible flavors in the world of ejuices and is currently my "sales pitch" to convert smokers.

"You smoke? Hey, try this. . . Yeah, I can tell you where to get this and how to vape."

It really is that good.

It's a primarily creamy pear with a sweet vanilla-ish finish. This juice, out of the box, has one of the strongest punches of flavor I have experienced in vaping so far. As it steeps the harsh notes of the almost citrus flavoring mellow out into a, for me, balanced flavor between the sweet pear and the softer cream.

I suggest this juice to everyone. If for no other reason you can discover if you like full flavored fruits or want something more subtle.

10/10 rating | Flavors: dessert fruity rich
A full, bodied juice. The site describes it as peary and creamy. What it doesn't mention is the faint hint of coconut. It's not an overbearing coconut but it is present about 3/4 the way through the initial taste. The pear is present, and everything is married together by the rich cream. It makes a great ADV, odd since it IS such a rich vape to bein with. By far, the best juice i've tried in the 20 or so that i've had since I began vaping.

6/10 rating | Flavors: rich
Cream flavors are not really my thing, so take this review with a grain of salt. It's a creamy berry flavor with pear added in. To me the flavors don't work well together.

10/10 rating | Flavors: sweet
The latest hype on reddit lives up to the hype. Didn't need any steeping to taste awesome. I'm most likely going to have this as one of my ADVs.

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