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I was very impressed with this juice. For being a max VG juice, I felt that it had a great amount of flavor. The real key to it is that it is not overly sweet, nor is it strongly tart. It's a nice blend, with a natural strawberry flavor that comes through. Panna cotta is traditionally creamy, which might be a little lacking in this juice. It does, however, have a nice vanilla undertone that doesn't overtake the vape. I think it is a really nice balance and doesn't come across like the artificial flavor you might think of in strawberry flavored candy. One other thought is that I think this juice really shines when dripping.
Spring Fling – blackberry & cucumber delight infused w/mint. Think zingy . . . then refreshing and maybe even energizing. This unusual pairing of flavors will wake you up. At the same time it's elegant and sophisticated. Wow!

The flavors remain distinct even as they commingle into one lovely vape. Nothing overpowers anything else, even with the mint involved. The subtle sweetness of the blackberry melds beautifully with the tingly coolness of the cucumber. So good! This PG free juice comes in a cobalt glass bottle with dripper and is priced at $13/18ml.

Napalm by Coval Vapes

9/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity spicy | Aged: 1 month
Oh so close to going off the charts, with all the elements you'd want in an apple pie a la mode: fruit, crust, cream and spice. The single downside for me is that: with all of its flavor and richness, it'll fatigue the taste buds pretty quickly, devolving into the sweet and cinnamon notes.

Moot's Juice by Namber Juice

8/10 rating | Flavors: beverage fruity | Aged: 1 week
Raspberry limeaid flavor that tastes great though for some reason it starts to taste a little burnt vaping at over 4 volts. Despite that, I find the taste wonderful, refreshing, and addictive. Good vapor production and decent throat hit. Would definitely buy this again. Purchased at a brick and mortar store, so I have no idea how long it sat on the shelf, but I've steeped it about a week. No idea what the PG/VG ratio is, but I had to put something.

Slevin by Carpe Diem Vapor

10/10 rating | Flavors: creamy dessert rich | Aged: 1 week
All of Carpe's juices are awesome that I've tried but Slevin has the best flavor out of ANY I've tried! It's so smooth and flavorful! It has just the right amount of flavor in it! If you have not tried CarpeDiem, please do! You are definitely missing out on a treat if you haven't!!

Preferred Vapor

9/10 rating

It's where I started vaping the employees are funny an helpful. Good hrs and in emergencies they are always there and I know they will be there for me.

Love this flavor. It's so great to find a flavor that you can use everyday.
I rate it highly cause the strong blueberry, someting I've been looking for.
Love it will get it every time I order
Love the unicorn milk. Tastes just like if you had lucky charms and the marshmallows dissolved in the milk and you were smoking that milk. lol. Now I mix it with sugar bear from cuttwood also.

Southern Breeze by Preferred Vapor

9/10 rating | Flavors: dessert fruity sweet | Aged: 1 week
This is by far my favorite flavor, taste like strawberry shortcake nice and flavorful

Aholotta Honey by Preferred Vapor

10/10 rating | Flavors: candy creamy dessert | Aged: 1 day
Amazing tast like heaven in your mouth

Hello Sweetness by Preferred Vapor

8/10 rating | Flavors: candy fruity rich | Aged: 1 week
Blends the sweetness. I like it but not too overpowering

Dat Biscotti Dough by Preferred Vapor

8/10 rating | Flavors: creamy dessert rich | Aged: 1 week
It's like eating a cake all day without getting fat

Preferred Vapor

10/10 rating

This is the only place I buy my juice at, and I cross state lines to do it. Why do this when a new vape shop opens up on every corner like Starbucks? Service and knowledge. They will help you mull over dozens of flavors all afternoon and instruct you on the finer points of vape devices. Also the employees have engaging personalities, for better or for worse, and they get to know you so service gets better the more you come back.


Blueberry Grapevine by Preferred Vapor

9/10 rating | Flavors: candy fruity sweet | Aged: 1 week
I love this juice! Great flavor, awesome to vape!

Carpe Diem Vapor

10/10 rating

I feel like a parrot reviewing these guys. I'll just repeat most everything others said previously. I did find one thing that people did not say enough. I feel a part of something with them. Sounds corny maybe, but they ask what I think of flavors personally instead of those boring "review your recent purchases emails" Like they genuinely want to know what is making me happy and what would keep me happy. I'm a regular customer but order only about once a month. The bigger bottles are discounted more. 120mls for under 50 bucks is too hard to refuse.


Blueberry Hill Tobacco by Rocket Fuel Vapes

7/10 rating | Flavors: fruity tobacco | Aged: 2 weeks
Pretty basic. Generic tobacco taste on the inhale (you can taste elements of it in Reaper) and a candy blueberry exhale. The blueberry, while not all that genuinely fruity is a good blueberry. The tobacco is well balanced and doesn't disappear.

Fairly average. Nothing wrong with it but it's not a stand out either. Even among the limited amount of RFV tobaccos I've tried.

Aphrodisiac by Carpe Diem Vapor

10/10 rating | Flavors: fruity rich sweet | Aged: 3 weeks
I think the slight floral note is some sort of fruit blossom. You will taste sweet blackberry at some point or an unusual blend of exotic fruits and honey that is amazing. It is nice to vape in your office. It's relaxing, feels a little naughty, awakens my senses and leaves my room smelling sexy. Its unlike any juice i've tried and definitely not your usual "dessert" style vape from this company. Their well known for their dessert vapes, right? Well this fruity floral vape takes the cake for me.
Im definitely diggin the new version of this. I loved the old version as well, but this just amped it up a bit for me. Jolly taste.

Gargamel's Curse by Diamond Vapor

7/10 rating | Flavors: candy fruity floral | Aged: 1 week
It's eclectic, I can't put my finger on it, but it does the trick. I vaped this out of a protank mini, and it hit the spot at the time. For me it was not an all day vape, after a few hours I grew bored of the fantasy land of the smurfs. However for a 22 minute romp with the smurfs it did not do me wrong. Think blueberries.

Charlie's Unicorn by Gordona Vapes

10/10 rating | Flavors: creamy rich sweet | Aged: 2 weeks
Upon first taste a ripe strawberry covered in sugar graces my taste buds. Then on the exhale a creamy strawberry goodness permeates my being. This juice is really good I've been vaping it for 3 weeks on a kayfun and it has not let me down. I would highly recommend it. If your gonna vape out of a protank, get a 50/50 pg vg, if not get the max vg, and let the thick clouds carry you away to a creamy delicious heaven.
Great flavor. Its a nice rich strong vanilla flavor and creamy with a slight taste of blueberry that's not too noticeable but combined with the heavy vanilla it creates a unique flavor . Taste like creamy vanilla ice cream.

'Bacco B by Bombies

9/10 rating | Flavors: earthy tobacco
Don't be too concerned by the 'bacco name. Yes, I can definitely see tobacco, so I named that as a flavor, but it's not like putting cigarette tobacco on your tongue, it's more like smelling a good pipe being smoked as its lit (not that I've been around that much). It's the cinnamon, it melds with the base earthy flavor until it's just delicious and satisfying to a person who still misses the strong real feeling of inhaling a cigarette, but is uninterested in tobacco flavors.

I don't know what to call or say about this juice really. I guess it's a tobacco flavor, but I see more a slightly bitter semi-sweet hard candy. Trust me, it's not sweet, not really, but a completely unsweetened ejuice isn't very appealing; it's sweet enough, but not sweet. It's more floral and rich than expected, but the floral is so mellow it is mostly lost and just adds depth, it keeps it feeling fresh and not heavy and deep.

It's a bit intense, more flavor or rather more of a deadline, true, knows its own flavor, unabashed, not changeable flavor than most juices I've tried. But again, Bombies quality, has no off-taste, smooth as smooth can be, a pleasure to vape.

Tasted in a Mini Protank II (a month ago, but it was good!) & RDA dual coil @ .9 Ω, 20-30 watts
6 mg

Toto's Delight by Vapors of OZ

10/10 rating | Flavors: candy
Taste like the Tropical flavor Starburst pack

Coolcumber Melon by The Vapor Chef

9/10 rating | Flavors: fruity minty | Aged: 2 weeks
If you like a hint of mint/menthol, not strong, but pleasing and relaxing, then this is the dripper juice for you. I can't quite taste melon or cucumber, but almost the cucumber, and the general body of flavors is along those lines. After two weeks in a dripper I wouldn't call it a fruity juice, more of a refreshing fruit mint juice. I find this light, refreshing juice perfect for an all day vape. The noticeable mint body is the only part you might get tired of after a while; it can ruin appetites mid-snack. But it's very tasty and none of the flavors are the least bit heavy which is what I love.

Tasted in a RDA double coil @ .9 Ω, 20-30 Watts.
Max VG, 6 mg

Trinity by Seduce Juice

7/10 rating | Flavors: earthy sweet nutty | Aged: 2 weeks
Seduce's newest flavor is a mix of roasted almond, macadamia and pistachio nuts, lightly glazed with cinnamon caramel. This is definitely a savory vape, with a light sweetness. I get a medley of roasted nuttiness rather than tasting each specific nut, as Seduce suggests. The juice has a slight – and I mean slight – floral note; probably not even worth mentioning. I don't know where the cinnamon is hiding . . . must be somewhere with the caramel.

All in all, this new flavor is quite good. It's got a complexity that I think would benefit from a longer steeping time and maybe reveal the cinnamon and caramel. It comes in a plastic bottle and is priced at $7.99/15 ml.

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