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Bluebird by Vapors of OZ

10/10 rating | Flavors: creamy dessert | Aged: 1 week
I've been analog free for almost 2 years now and am so blessed to have found Vapors of Oz!! They have the best ejuice I've ever had and I've tried a lot!! I wanted to do a review of their amazing flavor called Bluebird. It has a mild sweet blueberry pancake flavor that is amazing for an all day vape!! I also love Totos Delight which is in my everyday rotation. Please check them out and try something by them. They are super affordable and a pleasure to do business with!
I recently bought a flavor called un-birthday cake from preferred vapor. I was hooked on banana flavor until I tried this one. It really tastes like birthday cake. I can taste the buttery cake and the sweet icing. It's the only flavor I've vaped since I bought it. This is awesome! My new favorite flavor! LOVE IT!!

Salacious Strawberry by Mt. Baker Vapor

8/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity sweet | Aged: 2 weeks
A nice mix of strawberry and cream. Tastes like strawberry milk/milkshake. Very smooth and creamy. A nice flavor for vaping throughout the day.

Vapor Trail

8/10 rating

I've only bought 2 bottles from them, but have tried most of their flavors. They have some delicious flavor mixes, much more complex than a single fruit or flavor. Overall very good, but pricy at $8 for 10mL


Suspicious Minds by Stash e-Liquid

10/10 rating | Flavors: creamy dessert | Aged: 3 weeks
This juice is ridiculous. Suspicious Minds shouldn't be as deliciously addictive like this because I'll never quit vaping as long as it's available. I don't like peanut butter. I don't like banana. I love this juice though because it taste like natural peanut butter and the banana taste like ripe, luscious banana.

If you're a chocolate fan but haven't found a good chocolate, this juice is going to satisfy your taste buds and beyond. It's heavy on the banana, but in a very good way, it balances out the sweetness of the juice perfectly and you'll want to lick your fingers when dripping this.

This is something Elvis himself would raise from the dead just to vape.

Dark Star by Stash e-Liquid

10/10 rating | Flavors: creamy dessert rich | Aged: 3 weeks
Allow me to preface this review by saying my primary flavor profile is fruit, I have never been a fan of dessert flavors. Until I received Dark Star...

Straight out of the mail, it was good and reminiscent of other Crème brûlée from another vendor that is difficult to get. When I tasted it out of the mail, I could very well taste the burnt creme taste. Unfortunately I caught a cold a few days later and in to aging it went.

Now it's 3 weeks old and I decided to revisit Dark Star and this is a seriously flavorful and premium juice.

The flavors have mixed perfectly and it's difficult for me to put it down. I can't describe or compare to any other juice because this is top notch to any other dessert I've tried.

It's sweet without being overbearing, it doesn't gunk up my coils, the clouds from this is unreal and now it's the holidays it gives me that warm inviting feeling that being with friends and family enjoying crème brûlée should have.

This juice makes me happy and makes me feel special. I've been vaping for 5 years now and it's unfortunate it took this long to enjoy a juice such as Dark Star.

Equipment used: Mechanical with a .2Ω parallel dual coil. A HexOhm V.2 with a Tugboat single coil at .7Ω at about 70 watts.
If you like an extremely chocolately vape this is for you.
It's described as having "dry cocoa undertones and a sweet chocolate top note" and I'd say that's pretty spot on.
-But- I did find that as much as I wanted it to be I couldn't ADV this juice. I actually get nauseous if I even try. Just having a few clandestine puffs on a ten minute break at work will do it.
Also, and this might be just me and my tank but I noticed after putting it into my Nautilus mini I was experiencing hot juice blobs coming up through the tip into my mouth and even after cleaning my tank our later I could still taste it tainting a different brand's juice.
Mine came in a basic blue glass 15ml bottle with a childproof cap but no dripper.

Menthol by Apollo E-Cigs

1/10 rating | Flavors: menthol
This was the first juice I ever bought from a local smoke shop the day I decided to quit smoking analogs. I only used it for a week and it has sat untouched at the back of stash ever since.This juice is by far the worst thing I ever vaped. It feels like someone scraping the back of my throat. There is no flavor except the chemically "mentol" taste. There is basically no vapor production, even on the highest settings of different ego style batteries. Do not recommend. Please avoid.
RnR describes this as "a savory tart flavor topped with strawberries and whipped cream." and "a premium quality E-Juice made in the USA for vapor connoisseurs."
Both are essentially true. The flavor description is basically spot on and while I have heard other people who've tried it describe it as the "mother's milk killer" I wouldn't go that far. It's definitely comparable to Suicide Bunny's if strawberry cream flavor if not a little more mellow and a little creamier.
There was very little throat hit and the vapor production was very good considering I put it a nautilus mini. I look forward to trying this on an rda.
$22 for a 30ml brown glass bottle with childproof dropper cap.

B.B.W. by GS3

8/10 rating | Flavors: creamy dessert fruity
Okay, so, in spite of the interesting name it does not allude to a certain sexual preference it actually stands for blueberry banana waffle.
Much like an overdone Belgian waffle at a chain restaurant this is a waffle with all the fixings. You do get a hint of maple, strawberry and whipped cream, too.
It's a pretty mellow vape with a very soft throat hit and decent vapor production. The packaging is just a basic squeeze bottle without childproofing.
This juice is described as a blueberry cream and that's exactly what it is. The blueberry flavor is the closest to an actual blueberry that I've tried yet and it's thankfully not overwhelmed by the heavy cream note. Decent vapor production, mild throat hit and a nice glass bottle with a childproofed dripper cap.
Out of the strawberry juices I've tried thus far, this one has the most realistic strawberry taste for me. It's has the slight tang and soft tartness that a real strawberry doused in cream would. This juice reminds me of a strawberry gelato with sliced fresh strawberries on top. It is presented in a glass dripped cap bottle but there's no childproofing.

Templar by Monarch Ejuice

3/10 rating | Flavors: dessert fruity
Monarch describes it as "A sweet and tart lemon bar with a crisp butter crust, topped with a scoop of whipped cream."
After double checking their current website I think this flavor has been along with most of their offerings, discontinued. It is still for sale elsewhere, though.
This is definitely a lemon bar flavor. I have to say up front I am giving it an unfavorable review because it's just not for me. I felt while the overall quality of the juice was ok, the lemon flavor was pretty synthetic tasting, the throat hit was more than anticipated and the vapor production was kind of just meh.
I so wanted to like this one. I did. really.
I normally love a good strawberry vape but this one is so fake tasting and odd. There's a buttery popcorn note that should not be there and it doesn't compliment the strawberry at all.
The juice was thin and I think the pg/vg was dishonest. The bottles are presented with neither a dripper cap nor any childproofing.

Turn Up! by Atomic Vape

5/10 rating | Flavors: sweet
While I have never had Turn Up! the beverage before and wouldn't normally buy this of my own accord, I did try this because when I saw it in my JuiceCrate box the curiosity got the better of me.
It very much tastes like an energy drink and I don't know if it is delivering the same "b-vitamin complex" into your body as the drink version would but I felt...fuzzy?... after taking a few drags of my Kamry.
The flavor did grow on me but in the interest of not overdoing it on "b-vitamin complex" I cannot fill my tank with this.
This juice is one of my favorites!Def in the top 3! It smells so good, smells like rich, warm, sweet, luciousness, and it delivers on that promise when you taste it. I love vanilla, butterscotch and frosting, and Vazilla is all of those combined in perfect sweetness. You get the vanilla right away with the sweet pudding/custard taste, and on the exhale comes that yummy butterscotch. The frosting taste stays with you for a long time (hours, days) after. Once I start vaping, I don't stop til the tank is empty! Most times, I go fill it up again. Get you some!

Black Honey Cream by Strix Elixers

10/10 rating | Flavors: creamy fruity sweet | Aged: 1 day
It's surprising to me that this juice hasn't been added to the Strix Vendor page long before now. If it wasn't for this juice I would've just shrugged Strix off as another mediocre "budget vapor" manufacturer and definitely never would've went back for seconds! The aroma of this juice is enticing and the moment you fire those coils up you get an amazing blackberry flavor that dances on your tastebuds throughout the entire vape. On the inhale i tasted (in the background to the blackberry but still very discernible) a heavenly thick cream that gave way to a sweet and wonderful honey lined exhale that sat on your tongue and teased you into thinking to yourself "will I EVER get enough of this Excellent Elixir!
Every year around this time do you like to #pumpkinspiceallthethings ?
Cool, me too. Even my vape juice. Ok, especially my vape juice.
This review is of the fall 2014 LE version with the "max vg" option.
TVH describes it as "The king of all pumpkin pie juices reigns supreme over all the other pumpkin pie juices…Rich pumpkin pie flavor on the inhale mixed with a creamy whipped cream note followed by a mild pie crust taste on the finish. It’s like pumpkin pie for your lungs!" Pumpkin pie for your lungs, indeed.
Upon fist inhale you notice immediately that this is an actual pumpkin pie flavor, not a "PSL" or chai or anything of that sort. Right off the bat there's a definite lingering nutmegy allspice taste that threatens to overwhelm but doesn't because of an intense cream note that falls on your mid palate like a ton of bricks.
Seriously, they are not kidding about that whipped cream note. It straight up tastes like cool whip. The only thing rounding it out is little grahamcrackery crust note in the finish.
All said the pumpkin is present but it's presented not as the star of the show but as part of whole, thus comprising a total flavor definitely meant to take you back to thanksgivings as a child when you would insist on the biggest slice with an obscene amount of cool whip subsuming the dessert plate in it's terrible wake.
I think this juice is pretty close to the taste of actual elderberry wine, however, the flavor note that contributes to the "wine" mouthfeel leaves a little bit more throat hit than I'd like.
That being said, the taste is a bit sweet but still fairly mellow and if ordered with the "max vg" option, one can expect decently dense clouds.
I like the needlenose squeeze bottles and they do have a childproof cap.

The Vapor Hut

10/10 rating

Good people.
Great product.
Really fast shipping.
I ordered 6 10ml bottles and 2 20ml bottles and received a free 30ml sample bottle of one of their best sellers!
10/10-would buy from again.

TimeBomb describes this juice as "An explosion of immense fruity flavor sure to put a smile on your face. A mix of strawberry, apple and peach."
A fairly accurate description but I'd say it's a bit more of an apple juice type flavor, in a totally good way.
I bought this juice after a very positive review by RubyRoo : .
So, I bought it with a set of expectations and was swept away by a positive childhood memory.
One hit and I instantly loved this juice. More than most other juices in my ever expanding collection. It tastes like saturday afternoon at grandma's. You know those mixed fruit juice cocktails aimed at little kids and vodka drinkers? There was some brand I consumed in mass quantities in the late 1980's/early 1990's and it tastes just. like. that.
There's a definite strawberry note that opens the flavor with a nice solid, apple juice body and a little peachy kick at the end. It's really smooth and has very little throat hit. The lingering taste in your mouth compliments a lot of food and drink pairings, if that matters to you. Despite it's decent vg/pg rating it's still thin enough for a tank but would stand up well to an RDA. I have a 15ml glass bottle with a childproofed dripper cap. Also, as a grown up east bay punk kid I do love the old school Rancidesque label art.
Definite all day vape for sure!

Pony on Acid by SMAX

10/10 rating | Flavors: fruity sweet
This juice is the perfect fruity vape.
If you like a sweet mixed berry with a strong strawberry pull this is for you.
There's no cream or anything softening the sweetness and the high vg content produces nice, dense, satisfying clouds.
Out of Smax's current collection this one is most likely to be an ADV for a lot of folks.
My only issue with Smax is their kind of odd packaging and its lack of childproofing.
This juice is very high quality and true to its flavor description.
It really is like a big ol' slice of tiramisu clobbered in whipped cream.
The only issue I had, and it may be because I vaped it in a nautilus mini as opposed to a dripper( which this juice was obviously made for) was that the flavor was not as strong as others I have tried from Smax.
The juice from this company in general is all very high vg and super premium.
If you enjoy a mellow vape that pairs well with your morning coffee give this one a go.

Creme Vapor by Preferred Vapor

9/10 rating | Flavors: creamy sweet coffee | Aged: 1 day
If you like a creamy caramel candy then your in for a treat. This flavor is rich in caramel but also has a cream sensation to it.

Preferred Vapor

1/10 rating

I ordered juice from them not to long ago and it was eh. Let it steep it it was still eh. You could go to another cheaper vender and get better quality. Some of the flavors are good though. The website is average. Customer service is average.

There is something very fishy about this review page though....How can this vendor have 200+ reviews for the vendor with only about 1-4 reviews per juice (with at least one of them being obviously a fake 10/10)? Most of these vendor reviews are like "Yeah, this place is awesome. 10/10 :)." SO FAKE. And they're made in groups of 2 or 3 by accounts which have only 1 review: Preferred Vapor. Whoever is doing that, anyone who sees this page and takes a second to think about it will see that those reviews are fake. It makes the company look bad, so please stop. Its also messing up the Bayseian average...hardcore. So please stop. Is there a way to report this?

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