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Enigma by Quick Nic Juice

4/10 rating | Flavors: candy fruity
This company also makes this juice under the brand coiloil at least that's what my local b & guy said it was the same. Weird lingering after taste wouldn't buy again

Green Tee Off by Keystone Vapor

7/10 rating | Flavors: beverage fruity rich | Aged: 2 weeks
Hesitant at first bUT was recommended to me and I was impressed good vapor production green tea dominated flavor with a lingering fruity taste good. Little harsh on the throat but get use to it after dripping on for a while
Top 5 of all my favorites inhale pineapple exhale slight white tea great combination awesome

Preferred Vapor

9/10 rating

To start off there juice is worth every penny.Walk in the front door nice floor layout with couches, juice bar that has mostly every juice for sale available to test before purchase. Friendly and helpful staff that is knowledgeable about there product, not trying to push people in and out the door meaning that will show you various product before selling it. Good prices on all product. Including juice, mechs, vv/vw, tanks, rda and all that good stuff. I personally wouldon't not go anywhere else.



10/10 rating

☑ Gives away free juice constantly on Reddit
☑ Very friendly and interactive with community
☑ Responsive to feedback from customers
☑ Sends free gear if you order juice from them

If you're on the ecig subreddit I'm sure you've seen this guy all over. More than anything the gentleman who runs VR is a stand-up guy and interacting with him feels like you're talking to a friend, not a PR guy. He really puts his heart and soul into his business and it shows.

I went to order on his website and since he didn't offer nic levels in 3mg, I politely suggested in my order comments that it would be nice to have the option, but went ahead and ordered 0mg anyway. When I received my order, I found that he custom made all my juices with 3mg like I had asked for. Awesome!

There's also usually a promo on the website where if you order a certain amount of juices they'll throw in a free RDA or some other mod gear. It's an awesome perk for an already-awesome vendor.


Southern Breeze by Preferred Vapor

8/10 rating | Flavors: fruity
Very good overall flavor peachy inhale with a flavorful exhale

Juice quality is awesome.

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Andro by Cheap-Vapes

9/10 rating | Flavors: candy fruity sweet | Aged: 1 day
This juice had the perfect blend of sweetness and throat hit. Make great clouds of vapor and had and amazing after taste. I tried it in all my tops and it tasted amazing. I dont have shops near me that carry juice like this for 8 bucks.


10/10 rating

I ordered a MVP 2 kit and three bottles of e liquid and still saved over $30 from the b&m. Not only did I check the MVP 2 and it was authentic but the juice was great too. Would put their Andro and swag juice on a premium level at 8 buck for 30ml. Noticed they had no reviews so thought I would share my experience. It took about 4 days to get here.


The Slenderman by Namber Juice

9/10 rating | Flavors: beverage earthy fruity | Aged: 1 week
It is like a limeade drink going down your throat. Its smooth inhale and citrusy exhale is good anytime of the day. it is like a refreshing vape.

Per-Dew-Co by Ju-Ju Juice

8/10 rating | Flavors: fruity rich sweet | Aged: 1 week
I love melons and the honeydew is spot on!!! Pear in the inhale and you get the coconut is on the exhale. It is an all day vape for me.

The Vapeothecary

1/10 rating

I haven't even got the juice yet so I am prematurely writing this. I was told they can be slow in shipping since it is one man and that's not what I am have an issue with. I ordered on the July 13th and it is now the 23rd. I have asked him a couple times about the status.

On facebook, he said it would be shipped out Monday(21st), ok cool. Tuesday, order is still processing so I hit him up privately on Reddit. He said my order has indeed shipped but the website was not updating correctly. I asked for a tracking number, no response back. As of today the 23rd, 10 days later, my order is still processing and no confirmation of it being shipped.

I noticed he has stopped taking orders today until August 5th so I'm assuming he is overwhelmed with orders right now and that's understandable but he could have just told me that.

I am totally fine with waiting as long as I know what is going on, now I just feel I am being lied to at this point. I'm sure the juice is great and I still hope I get it but I will not be ordering again, there are plenty of other vendors who don't take 2 weeks to get your shipment to you.


Ansel Adams by Vapor Trails NW

9/10 rating | Flavors: earthy sweet tobacco | Aged: 1 day
This is a really great earthy/sweet tobacco vape. Upfront it's sweet (honey/maple syrup) with a slight bit of cream. On the exhale I get tobacco and the slightest bit of banana. The taste doesn't linger on the tongue for too long, making it a great ADV. I ordered this juice at 70vg/6mg and it has a really solid throat hit. Vapor production is what you would expect. I definitely recommend trying this juice!

This was my first experience with Vapor Trails NW and I am really impressed. Shipping was insanely fast. Juice tastes great. Also, received a 15ml sample with my order.

Ace E-Juice

1/10 rating

I've noticed this company getting a lot of shit lately for being unprofessional, unsanitary, etc. I then noticed the owner creating multiple accounts to give her company positive reviews. Really pathetic stuff here. Stay away from this company.


Mistress by Namber Juice

10/10 rating | Flavors: candy minty sweet | Aged: 1 week
A juice that got chocolate right! I tasted and bought this juice from a semi-local vape shop and when I saw peppermint and chocolate in the description I was skeptical as, prior to this juice, I had yet to taste any good chocolate flavor in a juice. In a dripper or in a tank (both running coils between 1.9 and 2.5 ohm, at various voltages,) this juice is fresh and minty on the draw and that perfect chocolate comes through on the exhale. The aftertaste is that of Andes chocolate mints. The peppermint isn't overpoweringly bold rather it's just right. The chocolate is a smooth soft chocolate flavor that is also not terribly overpowering and simply blends perfectly with the peppermint. Thoat hit is mild to medium in kick. Vapor production is mediocre, but I'm here for the flavor, not the clouds (plus I'm unsure of the VG/PG ratio because it's not on the bottle...I'm assuming 50/50.)

Definitely will be buying again.

Vampire Blood by Ace E-Juice

1/10 rating | Flavors: candy
Tastes like cough syrup, vendor was very rude when trying to rectify the order.

Monster Madori by Ace E-Juice

1/10 rating | Flavors: beverage
This is a sample I tried in person, when I told her it wasn't good due to inferior ingredients, she verbally accused me of being paid by the competition and I was a waste of space. As a customer, never again..
Very amatuer juice, I found a hair in the threading of the cap.

Ace E-Juice

1/10 rating

AceEjuice has been scamming people left and right on forums and reddit since last year, her usernames are /u/vapinhard and /u/axerey and they attack anyone who reviews their sub-par juice not to the highest of standards. I live in Chicago and made the unfortunate decision to review their juice and she made my life a nightmare on reddit saying I had no clue what I was talking about, called me a scammer, told me I was in favor for competition.. etc..

The lady is very delusional and she is in fact married but chooses to put that she's a single mom of 3 kids... She's a liar and a thief.


Monster Madori by Ace E-Juice

10/10 rating | Flavors: beverage fruity | Aged: 1 week
A mixture of orange champagne and other fruity flavors. A great vape! Came with a base mix of 50pg/50vg and I ordered 18mg nicotine. I forgot while ordering to ask for a higher vg blend, so it did burn my throat a bit. But when I contacted the owner, she was more than happy to send me out 100%vg with a flavor shot to mix in with what I have...for free! Great ejuices, great customer service, and a great vendor! Aceejuice.com all the way!

Ace E-Juice

10/10 rating

The first post on this review page is bogus. I've gotten the pleasure to know Endora, and her business is 100% legit! Aceejuice has wonderful flavors, all made from 100% organic FDA approved materials.
We all have to start somewhere, a lot of ejuice companies out there started in their homes.
As far as the links on her webpage, its called advertising, many smaller companies sell advertising space on their sites.
Aceejuice is a great vendor, don't let one bad post steer you away from a great customer service experience. This person below me never even bought any juice from them, so he cannot give an honest review.
Aceejuice has wonderful customer service, great products, all for a very low and reasonable price.
Look them up on instagram, the owner herself will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have:)


Stackin' Vaporz

10/10 rating

Hi I'm Gisela. My husband and I own Stackin' Vaporz Vape Shop in Lanett, Alabama. We offer custom e-juice. In various pg to vg ratios and in any nic level from 0 to 24mg of nicotine. We have 100's of base flavors giving you endless options to custom mix to your own, as well as a line of signature flavors. We think all our flavors are awesome! (But yeah we're a little bias ;) ) My favorites would be Pina Colada, Black Cherry Berry, Waikiki punch, Nana Taffy and Lemonade. Our top sellers are Rodeo and SV platinum in tobaccos, FDX and Creamy Caramel Kahlua in drinks, Razzelberry and Watermelon in fruits, Sweet and Sour Watermelon and Skittle type in Candies, Menthol and Spearmint in mints, and Strawberry cheese cake and Caramel Coated Vanilla Ice Cream in deserts. We develop and mix new flavors all the time so check-in and see what's new. We are a B&M, have been in Business since May 2013 and have established our business on excellent customer service, word of mouth and referrals. We are currently working on our website and square store where we offer free shipping to members with a $20 minimum purchase. Most of our shipped orders are placed by phone and are referrals by other members who have allowed friends and family to try our juices. We offer a membership program where you pay $5 for a year of special saving on juices, free shipping and other promotions throughout the year. Our goal is to establish a presence on the internet and become one of the vape community's Favorites.

Blue Drake may become my ADV. I received a sample with my order, but like it better that anything I chose. It is very fruity but builds to all raspberry (if that makes sense). It's very smooth but full of flavor. This one will be on my list every time.
Just a great juice. Taste just like a rice crispy treat!
This is my ADV(all day vape) and has been for a while. I love the taste of the smooth caramel paired with the crisp green apple flavor. VERY ADDICTING!!!!

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