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Mochaccino by Signature Smoke Juice

8/10 rating | Flavors: beverage rich coffee | Aged: 2 weeks
I liked this juice a ton more than I expected to.

More chocolate/mocha than coffee; a little too sweet but has nice bitter notes to really drive the coffee flavor home. The chocolate is a sweet milky cocoa chocolate flavor. The coffee is dark on the inhale but blends nicely with the creamy exhale and gives it more of a coffee/cream flavor. The bitterness does drive the TH a bit so even in 6mg it's a little harsh especially for a higher VG blend. The most accurate coffee juice I've had to date. Very enjoyable.

Placid by Adirondack Vapor

10/10 rating | Flavors: candy fruity | Aged: 1 day
This stuff is simply amazing! My adv! Fresh, fruity, just amazing clean flavors! Great company


10/10 rating

Extremely good customer service, the people who work there are amazing and very friendly. Great selection to choose from the 65 million different flavor combos you can do to the wide variety e-cigs and accessories. Great prices, Friendly and accurate workers, and Fantastic juice. What more can you ask for....


Ahlusion's Tiramisu by Ahlusion

1/10 rating | Flavors: coffee | Aged: 1 month
This is from their specialty line of e-liquids, so says Ahlusion, and it may be one of the worst juices I've ever vaped. It's described as a decadent e-juice with a blend of savory flavors – cocoa, spiced rum and espresso. This tastes nothing like the popular coffee-flavored Italian dessert. Nothing.

The only flavor you can taste is coffee, or something masquerading as coffee. It tastes like a petroleum based product, for lack of a better description. This liquid is unvapable. It's difficult to understand Ahlusion releasing such a product. It's also hard to understand how this product is "liked by 77 others" on their website and given a 5-star rating. I suppose this is the true meaning of "taste is subjective".

Cloud Walker by VaporSalon

10/10 rating | Flavors: creamy dessert rich | Aged: 3 weeks
I've used it in both tanks and drippers and its amazing out of either. Quite possibly the best juice I have ever had.

Smooththol by NicQuid

9/10 rating | Flavors: minty menthol rich | Aged: 3 weeks
It tastes like menthol/minty gum or candy that you used to buy. It becomes a little bit to minty if you vape them all day.
It's a great mix to add in other flavor, it makes other juices tastes better though. Love the hint of the creamy, smooth feeling.

My no.1 rank from my first Zamplebox!
Really good green apple taste. Not too sweet, not too sour. It does have a slight candy taste to it, but its not too heavy. Overall its a pretty good juice.

Tiger Blood by AR eLiquid

9/10 rating | Flavors: fruity rich sweet | Aged: 3 weeks
At first, I thought I would hate it, but it turned out to be my favourite! You will taste a hint of strawberry mix with light coconut. Very addictive. It feels a little creamy too. Love it.
The amount of vapor is enormous!

DeShock by G2 Vapor

8/10 rating | Flavors: earthy fruity | Aged: 1 week
It's a strong raspberry flavor, I mix menthol a little and it tastes unstoppable :) The tart flavor also pretty strong.
An absolutely unbelievable juice. This is a great juice for those just off of cigarettes, not ready to give up the dominant tobacco flavor. Personally it is hard for me to place - definitely a light menthol, just the right amount in my opinion. It has some spice added to it - can't place it for the life of me - but damn, this juice is good. A 10mL bottle will not last me but a week tops!

Green Apple by Rise Liquid Vapor

8/10 rating | Flavors: candy fruity | Aged: 1 week
This juice tastes exactly like a Granny Smith green apple! I've had similar green apple flavors before, but this one genuinely tastes like a green apple with only a slight candy flavor! The 100% VG gives good clouds and probably gives the flavor the extra kick it needed to step it above the others I have tasted.
It tastes just like Double Mint gum!

Very sweet, very minty, with a hint of menthol. I found it easy to tire of, though, like most candy flavors.
The juice smells delicious, like the first taste of cheesecake... However, when you put it in your tank and take a drag, it's all alcohol and chemically. Wanting to give it a fighting chance, I left it in the tank for 3 days and came back to it, and while it did lose a bit of the alcohol taste and gain a bit of the smell of the juice in the taste profile, it just wasn't a pleasant vape. It's possible this flavor requires a very long steep process.
Terrible! It tastes like vomit. Sweet, vomit desert that belongs in a trash can.

I really couldn't get anything good out of this flavor, despite attempts on different devices and waiting a few days to come back to it.
This has a strong artificial banana flavor, but no depth. It hits your tongue and dissipates quickly, leaving no lasting memory of its presence.

Not a terrible flavor, but definitely missing something.
It tastes like chemical~ish pancake batter.

I tried it on several different batteries/mods/tanks and tried it after a couple of days of steeping but it didn't affect the flavor much in any positive way.

Thug Juice by Mt. Baker Vapor

3/10 rating | Flavors: candy menthol sweet | Aged: 3 days
I was really excited to get Thug Juice because it was so popular and the flavor description sounded amazing, but when I tried it right out of the mail today? No go. I loved the menthol, but the "berry" or whatever it's supposed to be tastes like that liquid amoxicillin stuff, or cough syrup. It just tastes very medicine-y. I'm so disappointed. But I did go to look up the description again on MBV today and found that they actually don't even have it up on the site anymore so maybe that says something. I'll let it steep for a few weeks and try it again but my hopes are not high.

Cloud Walker by VaporSalon

10/10 rating | Flavors: creamy rich | Aged: 3 weeks
I have been vaping for 3 years and have tried flavors from all over the place and must say Cloud Walker by Vapor Salon is the absolute best I have ever tried!! I love it!! It’s aged in a whiskey barrel and has a smooth, creamy bourbon flavor. It’s the super premium of all e-juice. I can vape it all day long and never get tired of it. Cloud Walker by itself is awesome or you can add blueberry or any other flavor if desired. If you are looking for a new flavor, this one is by far the best out there. It is a super Smooth juice!!
This is a great juice to enjoy alone or by mixing in a fruit flavor and have a fruit and cream taste. The juice is easy on your coils and which makes its flavor go on and on...My current setup is a Kayfun plus at 1.2ohm and I will vape this all day when I get it. The aging process in the Whiskey barrel gives it super rich earthy tones and they do sell a non-distilled version as well that seems to be more of a bakery good(sweeter taste). I enjoy both regularly.

Cloud Walker by VaporSalon

10/10 rating | Flavors: beverage creamy rich | Aged: 4 weeks
I'm not crazy about flavors that are overly fruity. I tried cloud walker and it's rich and great flavor very smooth.
Really was expecting a sweeter juice, but it's much closer to a dark chocolate than a milk chocolate. I think if you like dark chocolate you would enjoy this a lot, but it's not for me.
Someone else described this as cotton candy, and I think they vaped the wrong juice. This is very creamy and rich on the front end, but it's got a smokey side to it as well. It's not as sweet as their root beer, and it has a very very faint hit of anise. I like it, but it's not an ADV for me.
Not my favorite juice from this vendor, but still good. Someone else described it as a tiny bit tart and that's true to some extent, but it is true to key lime pie. I want more of a cream flavor out of it but it isn't there. I may let this sit for a bit to see what comes of it. Still very good though.
Don't let the "cherry" in this fool you, it's not the medicine tasting overblown cherry flavor you'd find elsewhere. It's very light, and floral, but it doesn't taste like potpourri. There is a spice in the exhale that reminds me of tea with orange peel or some kind of citrus in it. Very very solid.

Munch Crunch by Carpe Diem Vapor

9/10 rating | Flavors: dessert rich sweet | Aged: 1 day
This taste a lot like I remember Kap Krunch with Krunch Berries. My first reaction was "damn, that's good...can this really taste like that?" The first thing that went through my mind was how good this would be with a heavily creamed cup of hot coffee in the morning. I'm looking forward to the chirping birds on my back porch with this stuff hanging out in a bathrobe in a couple of weeks. Right out of the mail the strength of the flavor for my palate is not a head whacker (or I would have given it a ten). I do prefer a really strong flavor profile but I don't think anyone who ever ate CC cereal as a child could throw or even give this stuff away even right out of the mail.

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